Woolly Stemodia

Stemodia lanata

Gray-Woolly Twintip

About This Plant

Sun/part shade; an attractive groundcover with silvery, white leaves. Stemodia creeps low along the ground and can cascade over rock ledges; it is often mistaken for silver ponyfoot although leaf shape and texture is quite different. Tiny purple blooms begin in spring. Woolly stemodia grows well in thin well-drained soil, and can tolerate reflected heat and sun from rock and asphalt. Do not over-water; wetness will make stemodia look leggy and unhealthy. It remains evergreen in warm winters, but dies to the ground with cold. It’s only native to south Texas and northern Mexico, but can be found at least as far west as the Pecos River, on scorching rocky outcrops — it’s an exceptionally drought tolerant plant.

Origins: Coastal and southern Texas and adjacent Tamaulipas


None needed.

An extremely drought tolerant groundcover with fuzzy silver leaves.

Min. Height: 4'

Max Height: 6 inches'

Min. Width: 2'

Max Width: 3 feet'

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