Gregg’s Honeysuckle

Justicia pilosella

Gregg's Honeysuckle, Woolly Tube-tongue, False Honeysuckle

About This Plant

Light shade. A nice groundcover that forms spreading colonies in the same semi-shaded environments where horseherb is common. They are a good pair; in fact, tubetongue honeysuckle probably outdoes horseherb in full sun without scorching or turning “crispy.” Tubetongue tolerates mowing, foot traffic, and poor drainage. Individual plants are tiny, with delicate white, purple or pink blooms throughout the warm season. Preserve what you have on site; also available from local native growers. Plant in masses for best effect, although it’s more noticeable around trees that provide partial shade; comparable tiny companion groundcovers include Redbud (Menodora heterophylla), Devil’s Bouquet and Swanflower.

Origins: Texas


Small size is the chief maintenance issue while establishing new plants; be careful with cutting or mowing individual plants until they become established. (To maintain density, set blade height to about 3 inches when using a mower.)

A tough native groundcover for sun or part shade.

Min. Height: 6'

Max Height: 12 inches'

Min. Width: 6'

Max Width: 18 inches'

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