White-Striped Agave

Agave americana var. medio-picta

Agave; White-Striped Agave; White Stripe Agave; White-Striped Century Plant

About This Plant

Full or mostly sun. Evergreen. A variegated form of the century plant, with a perfect white ribbon in the center of each leaf. This agave makes a dramatic statement in the landscape, but it should be placed a good distance from pedestrian areas – remember, it’s armed with thorns and can eventually grow to 8′ wide. The flowers attract hummingbirds, but the flower stalk only appears after several years, near the end of the plant’s life.

Origins: Mexico


Leaf spines can be clipped to keep them clear of pedestrian walkways. Prune to remove damaged foliage, removing offsets and pups. Wear gloves; the sap and thorns can cause severe irritation.

A tailored version of the classic century agave.

Min. Height: 2'

Max Height: 5 feet'

Min. Width: 2'

Max Width: 8 feet'

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