California Poppy

Eschscholzia californica

California Poppy

About This Plant

Sun or light shade. An annual spring wildflower or (tender) perennial, Eschscholzia is drought-hardy summer poppy, with skeletal bluish foliage and chalice-shaped electric orange flowers. It reseeds readily, even becoming weedy among other native wildflowers at some sites. In perfect conditions, California poppy may bloom all summer long.

Origins: Western U.S. and Mexico


Plant by seed in autumn; seed should make contact with bare soil in well-drained full sun. With sufficient rain in winter, profuse spring blooms may last until the summer heat; spent foliage can be cut after seeds have set. Plants may endure as perennials if they receive occasional water in summer; otherwise they’ll return by seed the next year.

Darling, sherbert-orange blooms.

Min. Height: 0.5'

Max Height: 1.5 feet'

Min. Width: 0.5'

Max Width: 1 foot'

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