Texas Milkweed

Asclepias texana


About This Plant

Sun or full Shade. A clump-forming deciduous perennial, up to 24 inches. Thin, dark green, oval shaped leaves grow in opposite pairs up the stem. Each stem is capped by an umbel of small white flowers followed by narrow green seed follicles. Although a common under live oaks and ash junipers in the Edwards Plateau, this species is becoming harder to find due to local development. Milkweeds are the only food source for monarch butterfly caterpillars.

Origins: Central Texas


None required, beyond the care needed to establish it in its preferred setting — weedy roadsides and inferno strips. Aphids are likely to infest any milkweed, but they aren’t really a problem. They can be sprayed off with soapy water. Treating aphids will (obviously) wipe out the monarch caterpillars too.

Great milkweed for a shady pollinator garden.

Min. Height: 1'

Max Height: 2 feet'

Min. Width: 3'

Max Width: 12 inches'

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