Monterrey Oak

Quercus polymorpha

Monterrey Oak, Mexican White Oak, Netleaf White Oak

About This Plant

Sun or partial sun. Semi-evergreen, with fairly large leathery leaves. Monterrey oak is fairly upright, fast-growing and long-lived.

Monterrey oak is rare in the wild and only found in 3 or 4 locations in southwest Texas. But since it is considered resistant to oak wilt, it has become popular in residential landscapes, especially as a replacement for live oak and red oak. It prefers some soil depth, but can adapt to thinner soils too.

Origins: Central America, Mexico and Texas in Val Verde County


Training and occasional pruning. Leaves are shed briefly in mid-spring as the new leaf buds break, but it’s otherwise fairly evergreen. It’s considered fairly resistant to oak wilt fungus, but it’s best not to test it: as with any oak, prune only in winter — never in springtime.

A fast-growing southwestern oak considered resistant to oak wilt.

Min. Height: 50'

Max Height: 55 feet'

Min. Width: 40'

Max Width: 45 feet'

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