Mexican Feathergrass

Nassella tenuissima

About This Plant

Sun/part shade; deciduous with soft wispy foliage. It goes dormant in winter and during extreme drought. It survives with good drainage and definitely doesn’t require water more than once per week. It sounds like a great watersaver plant, but despite being native to Big Bend and Jeff Davis County, feathergrass spreads very readily in the rest of the state and the forage is of extremely low quality for livestock. Ranch managers struggle to eliminate it and consider it a pest.

Origins: Far West Texas, south into Mexico


Needs no cutting back. Supplemental summer irrigation (not more than once per week) may prevent complete dormancy during drought.

Beautiful tuftgrass; unfortunately, not great to use around livestock.

Min. Height: 2'

Max Height: 3 feet'

Min. Width: 1'

Max Width: 1.5 feet'

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