Martha Gonzales Rose

Rosa x Martha Gonzales

Martha Gonzales Rose

About This Plant

Sun/part shade; semi-evergreen with crimson flowers. Since the quarter-sized flowers are flat-faced, they cover the surface of the plant during the growing season. The foliage has a distinct reddish tinge. It is fairly small in stature and not heavily armed, but bears enough thorns to protect itself from pedestrians; it has been successfully used to direct foot traffic in downtown San Antonio. Martha Gonzales is a classic old-fashioned rose named after the woman in whose garden it was found growing in Navasota, Texas in 1984.

Origins: China


‘Martha Gonzalez’ is pretty carefree, and too much maintenance misses the point. But water consistently in summer, and — if the center of the bush gets too crowded — remove weak, old or woody canes and cut back lateral shoots by one-third, around February.

A small, tough, old-fashioned rose with bright scarlet blooms.

Min. Height: 2'

Max Height: 3 feet'

Min. Width: 2'

Max Width: 3 feet'

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