Knockout Rose

Rosa x Knockout

Knockout Rose

About This Plant

Sun; evergreen with cherry red or brilliant pink flowers that bloom from spring until frost. What it lacks in fragrance is made up for in performance, as this rose blooms constantly throughout the year. Knockout is self-deadheading. It’s a great landscape rose for beginners, often used for massing along walkways, in front of hedges, around pools, etc.

Origins: China


Prune by half in early spring or late winter. Knockout Rose was once promoted as disease-free, but in recent years Rose Rosette Disease (RRD) has been reported affecting them in Texas. It is a virus spread by microscopic mites and causes witches’ brooms of thorns, visibly deformed branches and discolored (yellow or red) leaves. Infected plants should be removed before the disease spreads to other roses, as there is no cure.

A mostly carefree landscape rose, great for beginners.

Min. Height: 3'

Max Height: 4 feet'

Min. Width: 3'

Max Width: 4 feet'

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