Giant Coneflower

Rudbeckia maxima

Giant Brown-Eyed Susan

About This Plant

Partial shade or dappled sun. Basically evergreen, with large leaves that make nice mounds of blue foliage. Tall yellow ray flowers dangle from brown centers during warm weather. Everything about giant coneflower is big: the leaves (up to 2 feet long) the stems (up to 7 feet high) and the flowers (2″-3″ wide). As cut flowers they may last a week or more. For those who appreciate the mental air conditioning provided by cool-colored plants, Giant Coneflower is a great go-to perennial for carefree masses in the butterfly garden. It’s native to moist open areas east of San Antonio, but despite its origin in swamps, it’s drought tolerant. Find it at specialty native plant vendors.

Origins: South-central U.S., west to central Texas


Cut back the flower stalks after blooming to keep a tidy mound of blue foliage. Plants may grow larger in full sun, if soil depth and moisture is sufficient.

Everything about this coneflower is giant.

Min. Height: 3'

Max Height: 7 feet'

Min. Width: 2'

Max Width: 4 feet'

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