Vachellia farnesiana

Sweet Acacia, Cassie, Mimosa, Weesatch

About This Plant

Full sun. Semi-evergreen in warm winters, with delicate fernlike foliage, fragrant yellow puff blooms and a spreading, vaselike shape. Young branches are fully armed with white thorns (the name is a Nahuatl term for “many thorns”) but these become less obtrusive as the plant matures. Fast-growing and drought-tolerant, huisache provides easy, breezy shade and has been widely cultivated for perfume-making and as an ornamental. It’s often one of the first tree species to invade abandoned farm fields, so many Texans are more familiar with it as brush than as a specimen tree.

Origins: Texas, Mexico and Central America


Huisache branches out low on its trunk, but early training can produce an upright, patio-friendly habit. Remove dangling “face-slapper” branches as needed; cut them back to the nearest limb.

Vase-shaped and nearly evergreen, huisache offers easy, breezy shade and South Texas style.

Min. Height: 25'

Max Height: 30 feet'

Min. Width: 30'

Max Width: 35 feet'

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