Forsythia Sage

Salvia madrensis

Salvia; Forsythia Sage; Big Yellow Sage; Churro Sage

About This Plant

Shade or very partial sun. An herbaceous perennial sage with heart-shaped leaves, growing as a sprawling clump. The big panicles of yellow flowers could be mistaken for forsythia, but the stout, prismatic stems are distinctive, resembling churros. “Red Neck Girl” is a commercial cultivar with attractive red stems. This salvia spreads easily, especially in shaded areas. It performs well in the same places where companion plants like Turk’s cap and tropical sage thrive. Place it in the rear of the garden where it can sprawl freely.

Origins: Northern Mexico


Appreciates some supplemental irrigation in hot summer sun; much better in afternoon shade. Cut back freely after freezes, or whenever needed to control the size and spread.

A big perennial sage with long wands of yellow flowers.

Min. Height: 2'

Max Height: 3 feet'

Min. Width: 5'

Max Width: 8 feet'

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