Jara Dulce

Baccharis neglecta

False Willow, Baccharis, Sweet Rock Rose, Roosevelt Weed

About This Plant

Full sun. Nearly evergreen, with narrow willow-like leaves and airy foliage. Greenish flowers and silvery seedheads appear in autumn, ascending in plumelike boughs. It is one of very few hedge-like plants native to Bexar County, once widely planted to prevent erosion during the Dust Bowl (as nicknames like Roosevelt Weed and Poverty Weed attest.) One of the first pioneers in any abandoned farm field or new subdivision, it’s more likely encountered as a weedy volunteer than for sale in a nursery; it spreads quickly in any disturbed soil. Consider retaining it in native landscapes, alleyways, hedgerows, and other edges for instant wildscaping. It attracts birds and butterflies; Jara Dulce (“Sweet Rock Rose”) describes the effect it has on migrating butterflies, especially in autumn.

Origins: South and southwestern US


None required, but can be cut back as needed to produce a hedgelike form.

Willow-like leaves and green twigs ascend in plumelike boughs.

Min. Height: 3'

Max Height: 6 feet'

Min. Width: 3'

Max Width: 6 feet'

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