Duranta erecta

Brazilian Sky Flower

About This Plant

Partial sun; morning sun is preferred. Nearly evergreen in mild winters, this Mexican verbena can freeze to the ground and quickly rebound after very cold temperatures. Purple flowers appear throughout the warm season, followed by drapes of yellow berries. On its own, duranta forms a tall sprawling shrub, but it can be sheared or shaped as desired. Duranta has been designated as a Superstar by Texas A&M AgriLife for consistent performance and ornamental quality in a wide range of growing conditions. That said, in Hawaii, Australia and Africa it is considered highly invasive, and the berries are toxic.

Origins: Mexico and tropical Americas


Hedge or shape as needed to produce a manageable size; can be cut back to the ground after freeze damage.

A hardy tropical shrub with purple flowers in warm weather.

Min. Height: 15'

Max Height: 20 feet'

Min. Width: 8'

Max Width: 12 feet'

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