Pale-leaf Yucca

Yucca pallida

Pale Yucca

About This Plant

Morning sun or light shade. The pale, bluish foliage makes a striking specimen in a shady landscape, with cream-colored bloom stalks in spring. Pale-leaf is generally more drought tolerant than soft-leaf yucca, with which it is often confused. It grows as a small stemless rosette, with leaves soft and flexible enough to be placed safely in the garden. It may produce offsets; give it good drainage.

Origins: Endemic to north-central Texas, the Blacklands and portions of the Edwards Plateau.


Occasional grooming to remove spent foliage, not required. The leaves bear spiny tips, but the tips can be easily snipped off around pedestrian pathways.

A petite blue yucca great for the shade garden.

Min. Height: 8'

Max Height: 12 feet'

Min. Width: 3'

Max Width: 6 feet'

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