What are the Year-round Watering Rules?

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The hot dry weather generally means the possibility of Stage 1 drought restrictions. For now, we remain in year-round watering rules.

The hot dry weather has returned and with it the possibility of Stage 1 drought restrictions. For now, we remain in year-round watering rules. What exactly does that mean for you?<.p>

  1. Landscape watering with an irrigation system or sprinkler is permitted on any day before 11 a.m. or after 7 p.m. Watering with a sprinkler is NEVER allowed in the middle of the day.
  2. Hand watering with a hand-held hose, drip irrigation, soaker hose or bucket is permitted any time of day.
  3. Washing impervious cover such as parking lots, driveways, streets or sidewalks is permitted without runoff to avoid water waste.
  4. Water waste is prohibited at all times. Allowing water to run off into a gutter, ditch or drain or failing to repair a controllable leak is considered water waste
  5. All fountains – both residential and commercial – are allowed.

These rules will continue until there is an announcement in the newspaper that Stage 1 is in effect. This might happen sooner rather than later.

SAWS Conservation recommends turf only needs watering once a week. Customers with irrigation systems should keep their controllers set for their watering day so they will not have any worries about whether their controllers are set correctly for the upcoming restrictions. You might also want to consider setting the controller times to Stage 1 hours as well. The watering times for Stage 1 are before 11 a.m. and/or after 7 p.m., once a week on your designated watering day. Overnight watering is not allowed.

As always, you can visit GardenStyleSA for watering recommendations and other timely tips and you can contact us for a free irrigation system consultation. You just might qualify for a cash rebate for making changes to your irrigation system in the process by participating in our Irrigation Design Rebate.

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