Get Rewarded for Your Water-saving Ways!

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Are you a regular at conservation-themed events and workshops? Then make sure you are earning points to be there — and cash them in for plants, mulch and more!

We all know saving water saves money, but did you know it can also earn you a little money? Money you can use toward more water-saving ways?

WaterSaver Rewards members are doing just that by attending SAWS-approved conservation events or programs throughout the year. Points are earned through these events and then cashed in for corresponding coupons:

3 points = $30 coupon towards the purchase of a rain barrel or garden tools.

5 points = $50 coupon towards the purchase of organic mulch.

7 points = $70 coupon towards the purchase of a variety of water conserving materials.

Coupons can be redeemed at participating local retailers.

Don’t miss out on SAWS conservation’s best way to get rewarded for your water wise ways, all while you learn more ways to conserve. Sign up today!

Already a WaterSaver Rewards member? Check the calendar to find out what’s happening in your neck of the woods that’ll earn you points.

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