Move Forth on the Fourth

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The fourth of July is right around the corner — is your yard ready? Independence Day celebrations are about spending time with friends and family, showing your patriotism and enjoying the outdoors.

If you have a shady spot underneath a tree you could create a new living space outdoors. SAWS Patioscape: Remove 200 to 400 square feet of lawn and we’ll send you a coupon to put pavers in its place. In addition, if your new outdoor patio conversion has sprinkler heads that you remove, then you are also eligible for our irrigation rebate, which doubles your advantage.

Container gardening is a great way to show off your Independence Day flair on the fourth of July. Pots with bold red, white and blue flowers will soften your patioscape and add a patriotic element to your celebration.

Don’t let those mosquitoes ruin your holiday. You already have a leg up by removing some of your lawn and lessening the water that feeds it. Try placing fans in and around your new patioscape and you’ve instantly created an environment that mosquitoes want no part of.

Get out and enjoy your patriotic landscape and happy Fourth of July.

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