Garden by Moonlight – It’s Cool(er)

erin conant

Gardening is a pastime that’s been enjoyed for centuries. Of course, not everyone finds it pleasant to garden when it’s 100 degrees or more outside. Sidestep the unbearable heat with a moonlight garden! When you garden by moonlight, it is a much more enjoyable experience.

Here are a few elements to get you started:

  • Choose plants with yellow or white blooms, and silver or variegated foliage to reflect the moonlight. Options include Jerusalem sage, artemisia, brugmansia, white or yellow antique roses and crinum lilies, just to name a few. All are drought-tolerant and perform well in our alkaline soil.
  • Make your moonlit garden accessible. Include some mulched or gravel pathways that allow access to all of the garden’s features. Benches and a trickling fountain (that’s in good working order, of course) increase the appeal. Bonus: Creating hardscape — and eliminating water-needy turf — is also a great way to reduce your outdoor water use.
  • Fall for fragrance. Flowering plants such as Confederate jasminealmond verbena and nicotiana lure nature’s pollinators such as bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Stroll through a local nursery to gather more planting ideas. Gardening by moonlight could be the perfect indulgence for escaping the summer heat!

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