Water Responsibly This Summer

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As summer approaches, it’s almost inevitable more water will be used to irrigate thirsty lawns. According to the Texas Water Development Board, outdoor watering during our hottest months can account for 50 to 80 percent of a home’s total water use. Watering responsibly is something we can all strive to do better and to do our part for conservation.

To help keep your water bill and usage in check this summer and water responsibly, try these water-wise gardening suggestions:

  • Create shade – Nothing beats the Texas heat like a cool shady spot. Install a vine-laden pergola. Shady areas lose moisture at a much slower rate, reducing the need for frequent applications of water, even during the summer.
  • Convert to drip irrigation – Water is applied at a slow rate directly to the root system of plants. And, SAWS offers a rebate if you convert pop-up sprays to drip in your garden beds.
  • Avoid overfertilizing – Frequent and heavy applications of fertilizer do help your lawn grow by leaps and bounds, but all that lush, new growth also results in turf that needs (you guessed it) more water.

For more advice on how to save water, call us at 210-704-SAVE.

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