Drought Friendly Plants

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Believe it or not, there are actually plants that are drought friendly. Some plants grow and thrive in drought conditions.

Since most of our lawns probably look a tad sad during drought, you could help perk it up by adding some of these drought friendly plants to your landscape.

  • Red yucca – spikes of salmon colored flowers tower above the green spiky plant.
  • Bulbine – member of the aloe family from South Africa with spikes of yellow and orange flowers.
  • Thryallis – a deer-resistant perennial shrub featuring yellow spikes of flowers.
  • Esperanza – once established needs very little water and produces bell shaped yellow flowers all summer long.
  • Pride of Barbados – lacy foliage topped with clusters of yellow and orange flowers.
  • Sweet almond verbena – large shrub or small tree that produces fragrant white spikes, and is also deer-resistant.

These heat-loving plants might just be the escape our landscapes have been looking for, especially if the hot, dry, drought conditions persist.

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