Irrigation System and Water-Saving Devices

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Irrigation system technology is like cell phone technology – always evolving. But instead of faster 3G networks, irrigation companies strive for better water efficiency, which results in money and water savings for you.

There are several devices that can be retrofitted into existing irrigation systems or installed with new ones. Most of these components will only be available through your local irrigation distributor.

  • Wireless rain and freeze sensor with rain delay — Shuts down the system when a certain temperature is reached; also programmable for up to a four-day delay after a rain event.
  • Multi-stream rotor nozzle for conventional spray head — Applies water slowly and evenly, highly wind-resistant, dramatically reduces run off. (And, they use up to 30 percent less water than conventional spray nozzles!)
  • Soil moisture sensor — Determines moisture in the soil and prompts irrigation as needed.

These technologies – paired with proper scheduling of your controller – will result in a more efficient irrigation system and water savings for you. Want an expert to take a look at your irrigation system? Call us to schedule a free home and irrigation checkup.

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