Spur Your Neighbors On!

Are you a team player? Be the point guard of your neighborhood — transform your landscape into a water-saving winner and “spur” your neighbors on to gardening greatness!

By Heather Ginsburg, Lisa Spears and guest writer Rebecca Vargas, Spurs fan extraordinaire

As conservation consultants for SAWS we see gardens and yards all day, every day. It is such a pleasure to visit with enthusiastic, conservation-minded individuals on a daily basis. It’s like basketball season year-round!

One of the things we notice in our “travels” is when one house makes a landscape transformation, so does a neighbor. And slowly, one by one, each resident spurs on another in the neighborhood and before long everyone has followed suit. It’s like a water-saving SLAM DUNK!

Boost your home team’s offensive strategy with our WaterSaver Landscape coupon available spring and fall.  It’s our version of a free throw. You simply remove 200 square feet of lawn and SAWS will mail you a coupon for drought-tolerant plants to “sub in.”

“Assist” your neighbors by getting together to plan a landscape design that “sports” a similar look. This technique creates the illusion that the property sizes are larger and, of course, the overall look is more cohesive. You can’t “foul out” of this game — working together and having a beautiful landscape means you’re already winning the championship.

Spur your neighbors on this year like one couple did in the Hill Country Retreat by Del Webb neighborhood. This couple — former Lakers fans from California — knows firsthand what a drought is and have been systematically removing grass since they moved into their Hill Country home.

They created an oasis where their fellow neighbors could drop in to sit outside and enjoy a cocktail or two while cheering on our one and only Spurs — GO SPURS GO!

Recently, they even did a “layup” of generous flagstone steps all the way to the sidewalk to provide easier access to their patio. These water-saving winners also capped and converted several irrigation zones to save water, and used our irrigation design rebate to help with their project.

Don’t sit on the bench this fall. Join the SAWS conservation team by “scoring” your free irrigation consultation. Get off your grass and get in the gardening game!

Picture of Heather Ginsburg
Heather Ginsburg
Heather is a Texas tradeswoman through and through! With three state water licenses under her belt, she brings a unique perspective, background and expertise to the SAWS Education team. Heather’s deep understanding of and passion for sharing water knowledge makes her perfectly suited for coordinating and leading SAWS’ education tours. Prior to joining the SAWS family, Heather worked in the private sector as a landscape designer where she spent countless hours helping homeowners create beautiful, water-saving landscapes. Heather, along with her husband Brett and their two children, all strive daily to be kind humans who give back to Mother Earth.
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