Sun or light shade. A leafy green vegetable, often with brightly colored neon stalks. In Texas chard is often used as a winter annual, alongside other ornamentals. Depending on conditions, […]


Sun. Kale is a cool-season leafy green vegetable with high nutritional value. It’s considered much closer to the original wild form of cabbage, but unlike domesticated cabbage, kale’s leaves don’t […]

Meyer Lemon

Lemon leaves and fruit.

Best in sun, but tolerates shade. Evergreen. Meyer is a citrus-tangerine hybrid popular with home gardens due to its compact size and abundant fruit. The lemons are plump, juicy, and […]

Arizona Cypress

Full sun; an evergreen conifer with dense gray-green or bluish foliage and a pyramidal form.\n\nArizona cypress is fast-growing and drought-tolerant in San Antonio, providing strong form to xeriscapes. Various cultivars […]


Sun. A cool-season grass used as a turf cover crop in high-traffic areas like golf courses, ballfields, and some ranches. It is occasionally used in residential lawns; it works best […]


Sun or partial shade. Evergreen, with intoxicating white blooms in spring and bountiful edible fruit ripening in November and December. Among the citrus, tangerine is perhaps the most cold- and […]

Pencil Cactus

Sun or light shade. Evergreen. This tough shrub cactus forms a thicket of small cylindrical stems armed with sharp spines. Yellow blooms appear in August, followed by dramatic displays of […]

Chinese Holly (Dwarf)

Sun or shade; evergreen with very stiff glossy leaves. The spiny leaves are distinctive, with the central tip pointing downward and the outer tips pointing up, resembling horns. \n\nOften hedged, […]

Burford Holly (Dwarf)

Burford holly leaves and berries.

Sun/part shade; evergreen, with dark glossy leaves bearing sharp needlelike points; small, white blooms, with red berries in winter; a slow grower. Often used as a strong sturdy hedge.