Burford Holly (Dwarf)

Ilex cornuta Burfordii Nana

Dwarf Burford Holly, Burford Holly

About This Plant

Sun/part shade; evergreen, with stiff, puckered holly leaves and needlelike points. In a manicured hedge these impart a loose texture, in contrast to finely sheared boxwoods and yaupons. Burford is a long-lived hedge, widely used in Texas residential and commercial landscaping. “Dwarf” is a misleading term: Burford grows up to six feet or more, but with a compact wide form that contrasts with taller “trunked” hollies. For an even smaller size, see Dwarf Chinese Holly. Individual plants bear both male and female flowers, so berries are plentiful.

Origins: East Asia


Pruning and hedging; expect some supplemental water in summer.

Dwarf in name only. 'Burford' is a classic rounded shrub with red Christmas berries.

Min. Height: 3'

Max Height: 5 feet'

Min. Width: 3'

Max Width: 5 feet'

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