Rewards and Rebates — All in One Place!

Keep track of your WaterSaver Rewards points, WaterSaver Coupons and conservation rebates all in one convenient location.

Wondering how many WaterSaver Rewards points you have earned or accidentally deleted the email with your Landscape Coupon? No worries, your coupons, rebate offers and more are now available on our mobile friendly My Account website.

Just look under the Rebates and Rewards tab for the summary of your participation in these conservation programs.

WaterSaver Rewards

Joining the WaterSaver Rewards program lets you earn points towards up to $150 in coupons by participating in SAWS-approved events and programs. All your points and coupons are in one convenient location! You’ll find:

  • The Rewards member numbers on your account.
  • Your current point total for the year and list of events you attended this year.
  • Links to any unredeemed coupons.
  • Total value of all the coupons you have ever redeemed.

WaterSaver Coupons

Lawns are the thirstiest part of your landscape. Take out the turf and put in a new garden bed or relaxing patio with our WaterSaver Coupons. Now your coupons are right at your fingertips.

  • Current Landscape and Patioscape Coupons with links.
  • Any previously redeemed coupons.
  • Total number of coupons available (limit eight total coupons per account).
  • Total number and value of all redeemed coupons.

Irrigation Consultation and Irrigation Design Rebate

An average irrigation consultation helps customers save thousands of gallons of water simply by adjusting the watering schedule and identifying leaks. Our consultants also leave customers with an irrigation design rebate offer to help offset the cost of making the system more efficient.

  • How much water your irrigation system used monthly prior to the consultation and how much it would use with the recommended watering schedule.
  • Your most recent personalized rebate offer and expiration date.
  • Total amount of irrigation rebate dollars received and amount still available to you.

More Ways to Save

You can find the date your rebate check or credit was issued for a Flow Sensor Rebate or Swimming Pool Filter Rebate here, or jog your memory on when you redeemed that $100 Smart Controller Coupon.

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Picture of Sasha Kodet
Sasha Kodet
Sasha Kodet is a conservation planner whose large garden attracts a myriad of wildlife and curious neighbors with minimal water. At SAWS, Kodet develops outdoor programs to help people create their own beautiful, water-saving landscapes. She draws on her two decades of experience as a naturalist, botanical garden educator and event planner. Kodet enjoys (really) long walks in the woods and has thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail and the Long Trail.
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