Beaked Yucca

Beaked yucca leaves.

Full sun. Evergreen. An attractive tree-form yucca. Many sources consider it simply a branching variety of the popular Big Bend Yucca (rostrata). Thin blue-gray leaves grow in a cluster, later […]

Twistleaf Yucca

Twist leaf yucca leaves.

Small and evergreen, with twisting straplike leaves and creamy white flower spikes between May and July. Twist-leaf yucca is a hardy native that tolerates thin shady soils and requires no […]

Variegated Yucca

Evergreen, with bright yellow-green foliage. Great under deciduous trees, so it can get some sun in winter and shade in summer. Tall white flower stalks appear in late spring.\n\n’Color Guard’ […]

Spanish Dagger

Spanish dagger in garden.

The multi-trunked Spanish dagger is evergreen, with thick, stiff and very sharp leaves. It’s adaptable, architectural, and nearly indestructible, with cream-colored flower clusters in spring. Spanish dagger makes an excellent […]

Soft-leaf Yucca

An evergreen mound lily, with soft bluish weeping foliage that can be used around walkways in gardens. Pendulous, cream-colored bloom stalks appear in summer.\n\nIt tolerates more moisture than most xeric […]

Pale-leaf Yucca

Morning sun or light shade. The pale, bluish foliage makes a striking specimen in a shady landscape, with cream-colored bloom stalks in spring.\n\nPale-leaf is generally more drought tolerant than soft-leaf […]

Giant Spineless Yucca

Spineless yucca often starts its career as a houseplant and moves out into the yard when it grows too large for a pot. Glossy lily leaves resemble cast-iron plant. Unlike […]

Buckley’s Yucca

Sun. Evergreen and ornamental, with stiff, white-margined yucca leaves up to 2′ long. 5′ tall panicles of cream-colored flowers appear in late spring. Extremely drought hardy on thin-soiled local hillsides; […]

Big Bend Yucca

Full sun. Evergreen. A small, well-behaved tree-form yucca with a branching habit. Thin blue-gray leaves grow in a tight cluster atop the trunk, and later drape down to form a […]

Blue Sotol

Full sun; evergreen, with long, strappy blue-gray leaves. One of the most ornamental of all desert plants. Tall flower stalks appear in summer, attracting hummingbirds. This pale sotol performs well […]