Easy-to-Add Living Space for Your Landscape

Building a flagstone patio is a lot like putting together a puzzle. It’s also an entertaining project for the whole family. Just follow our simple steps.

Do you enjoy putting together puzzles? Building a flagstone patio requires you to put into practice everything you learned about puzzles as a child, with a couple of exceptions.

First, the scale and terrain are different. Second, unlike a puzzle which leaves no room for improvisation, you will need imagination and creativity to build an attractive flagstone patio.

Here are some steps to help you with your project.

  1. First you want to transfer all of your ideas to paper. This clarifies your plan.
  2. Once you have a clear idea of the patio you want, begin to mark the area using either a hose or string to help you visualize the dimensions and shape. If you decide you don’t like it, this is the time to revise your plan.
  3. Next, prepare the ground. This includes removing weeds or other obstacles, compacting the soil, leveling and considering drainage. If the patio is near a tree, any work to adjust the level or compaction of the soil must be done with great care. This could affect the condition of the roots and health of the tree.
  4. Using decomposed granite, road base and/or sand, begin to create the foundation of your patio. The gravel and sand will give stability to the stones; at the same time they help with drainage and compensate for any unevenness.
  5. Once the terrain has been prepared, it’s time to begin assembling the puzzle. Follow your pre-determined design, modifying it as necessary depending on the shape of the stones or imperfections of the terrain.
  6. Leave small gaps between the stones to fill with sand or fine gravel; this will allow water to permeate the patio and keep it from becoming a swimming pool.

Building an outdoor living space can be an entertaining project where all members of the family could participate, each adding their own personal touch to the space. It makes it all that more welcoming.

Picture of David Abrego
David Abrego
David Abrego is a conservation consultant for SAWS. David, a native of Panama, likes to spend his time surrounded by plants and fruit trees. So if you can’t find him at home, he’s probably working in a greenhouse. David is also an arborist and an irrigation technician.
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