Coupon Selections for the Starter Gardener

If you are a starter gardener like me, trying to decide what to put in a new garden bed can be intimidating. Even the tags that come with the plants aren’t much help. What exactly does partial shade mean anyway?

Well, help is here. The WaterSaver Landscape coupon has a number of drought-hardy plants that are also low maintenance for those of us lacking a green thumb.

For instance, rosemary thrives in full sun but can tolerate some afternoon shade. The same is true for oregano. While both are wonderful herbs, they also make lovely landscape plants.

Cenizo is another plant that is very easy for the novice gardener to grow. It does well in poor soil and once established needs little or no supplemental water. Cenizo does need full sun to look its best, so plant it somewhere that gets very little to no shade. Like rosemary and oregano, cenizo is deer-resistant once it has matured. But tender young plants may still be tempting to deer and should be protected while they’re getting established.

For almost foolproof plants, you can choose from any number of yuccas, agaves, sotols or cacti. Most are best suited to full sun but can tolerate some afternoon shade. These plants tend to be very architectural and all require very little supplemental water once established. Agaves, cacti, and sotols are characterized by having spines or thorns, although there are a few varieties that do not. Red yuccas don’t have spines and may be a better choice for areas where children or pets play.

Use the find a plant feature for more detailed descriptions and plant characteristics.

For answers to specific questions make sure to ask the Garden Geek.

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Vickie Castilleja
Although no longer with SAWS Conservation, Vickie thoroughly enjoyed her time here learning all aspects of gardening and landscaping from her colleagues. She continues with her interests of vegetable gardening and the food-to-table movement.
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