Bring Fiesta Colors to Your Landscape

Fiesta may only come once a year, but you can enjoy the bold, beautiful colors of this hometown celebration year-round right in your own landscape!

For those of us who have been in San Antonio long enough to enjoy at least one Fiesta, we know it means bright and colorful pinatas, dresses, decorations and food. It also means hot weather is just around the corner.

You can enjoy those bright, colorful palettes in your own landscape by choosing some of the plants offered in our spring coupon package.

One of my favorites on the list is the Pride of Barbados. The small green leaves with vibrant red, orange and yellow flowers are sure to brighten any landscape. I have three of these scattered in my landscape to brighten otherwise dull areas. An added bonus: butterflies and hummingbirds love them!

Another of my favorites is the Earthkind rose. The one I’ve chosen for my landscape is the Knockout rose. It’s a prolific bloomer — even in winter — and is disease-free. You can choose colors from shades of pink to shades of red. They love the hot weather and are evergreen to boot!

For shady areas, the plant of choice for me is Turk’s cap. It comes in red and pink varieties and is a hummingbird favorite, as well as an easy-growing native addition to the landscape. Both tough and drought-tolerant, it blooms continuously in warm weather.

Plumbago is another selection sure to please. Butterflies love the delicate blue flowers that plumbago produces and I like them, too, because they add a different color palette to the landscape. Heat-tolerance is the name of the game with this one as well. It might drop leaves during extreme freezes, but I have several of these in my landscape and all of them look great despite the freezes we had this winter.

So as Fiesta approaches, remember the vibrant colors you see downtown and how you can incorporate some of them into your own landscape to enjoy year-round.

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