Zoysia spp.

Manila Grass, Grama coreana

About This Plant

Sun or partial shade, depending on variety. Zoysia is considered more drought- and shade-tolerant than other warm season grasses, and it makes a very dense, hardy turf that spreads by rhizomes and stolons. It grows and establishes slowly. “El Toro,” “Jamur,” and “Palisades” are tough, with wide leaf blades resembling St. Augustine. Fine-textured zoysias like “Emerald” are plush underfoot, but shallow-rooted and more delicate.

Origins: East Asia


Given its thick growth habit, zoysia is sometimes mowed shorter than other grass varieties to prevent the accumulation of thatch. Coarser textures (like El Toro, Jamur, and Palisades) perform better with higher (2-inch) mow heights; “Emerald” can be mowed as low as 1″. Zoysia has low fertilization requirements; best is an annual application of 1/2-inch of compost.

A very dense, hardy turf that is insect and disease resistant.

Min. Height: 1'

Max Height: 3 inches'

Min. Width: 1'

Max Width: 3 inches'

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