Yellow Indiangrass

Sorghastrum nutans


About This Plant

Full sun or part shade; a tall, majestic native perennial. Bunches of blue-green leaves grow up to 3 feet tall, with seed-heads on stems up to 6 feet. Does well in landscapes as an accent or specimen. Replace any of the common ornamental grasses with yellow indiangrass for a more unique look. The yellow seed-heads that appear in the fall look striking against the blueish leaves. One of the “big four” prairie grasses of the Texas prairies and savannas, some colonies can still can be seen in parks and roadsides around San Antonio. Exceptionally large specimens can be seen on the savanna restoration at Phil Hardberger Park. Yellow indiangrass is also a host plant for many skipper butterflies.

Origins: Eastern 2/3rds of North American from Arizona and Montana east


Yellow indiangrass requires little maintenance after it is established. Cut back old leaves when the plant has gone dormant in the winter. If the plant outgrows your design, the clumps can be divided and distributed to other areas of the yard or to friends who will thank you!

A tall prairie grass, as an alternative to pampas and other ornamentals.

Min. Height: 2'

Max Height: 4 feet'

Min. Width: 2'

Max Width: 4 feet'

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