Thornless Paloverde

Parkinsonia X Cercidium

Paloverde "Desert Museum"

About This Plant

Full sun; deciduous with tiny leaves, attractive green bark, a shapely, spreading form, and intermittent yellow blooms from summer through fall. This hybrid of three wild Paloverdes is thornless (!) and is thus useful in a variety of sunny pedestrian settings. It was discovered by chance, growing as a hybrid seedling at the Sonoran Desert Museum in Tucson, Arizona. Since then, it has became quite popular as a courtyard and shade tree in Arizona, Nevada and California. Thornless paloverde has only recently been introduced to use in South Texas. There are few mature specimens in Bexar County, but it has been widely planted.

Origins: Hybrid


“Desert Museum” branches out fairly low on its trunk; pruning and training in early years can help produce a more upright form, but never remove more than 25% of the crown during any 5-year cycle.

Similar to the native retama, but bigger -- and no thorns.

Min. Height: 20'

Max Height: 30 feet'

Min. Width: 20'

Max Width: 25 feet'

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