Texas Red Oak

Quercus buckleyi

Texas Red Oak , Buckley Oak, Spanish Oak; Rock Oak

About This Plant

Sun/partial shade; deciduous, with vibrant red color in autumn. It is smaller and more multi-trunked than the similar Shumard red oak. In the wild, Texas red oak is a species of north-facing (cooler) Hill Country slopes, although it is adaptable and can tolerate scorch. Like any big tree, it is very valuable to wildlife.

Origins: Texas Native


Oaks produce tassles, acorns and heavy leaf litter; expect year-round cleanup. Red oaks are very badly affected by oak wilt, and they produce fungal mats that spread the infection. Beware of a tree that begins dropping leaves in springtime; it usually dies within 4-6 weeks of the first symptoms. Oak wilt is most easily transferred in spring when the beetles that transmit it are active. To prevent it, NEVER PRUNE IN SPRINGTIME — preferably only in winter — and remember to paint pruning wounds and clean tools after each tree.

Under optimal conditions, a fast-growing and very large tree.

Min. Height: 50'

Max Height: 55 feet'

Min. Width: 45'

Max Width: 60 feet'

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