Dahlberg Daisy

Thymophylla tenuiloba var. texana

Texas Bristleleaf, Pricklyleaf, Golden Fleece

About This Plant

A herbaceous annual, with delicate, fernlike foliage and tiny golden flowers throughout the warm season. The leaves have a strong lemony odor when touched or crushed. Don’t be fooled by its stringy appearance in a 4-inch pot at the garden center; once Dahlberg daisy gets in the ground, it’s one of the best summer annuals, and it self-sows freely in alkaline or gravelly soils (but not in mulch). Use it in borders, butterfly gardens and in pots.

Origins: Texas and Mexico


Deadheading may prolong the bloom a bit at the end of summer, but Dahlberg daisy thrives on neglect. Avoid overwatering in soggy or poorly drained sites; it can’t tolerate wet feet.

A tough low-growing annual useful for sunny borders.

Min. Height: 6 inches'

Max Height: 1 foot'

Min. Width: 8 inches'

Max Width: 1 foot'

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