Spiny Allthorn

Koeberlinia spinosa

Allthorn; Crucifixion Thorn, Crown of Thorns

About This Plant

Sun or bright shade. The stems and thorns are evergreen; the leaves themselves are tiny and scale-like, appearing only after summer rains. Greenish-white star flowers appear in warm weather, with a sweat-like fragrance that attracts abundant pollinators. The blackberries, in autumn, are pretty. A great specimen for native brush sculptors, allthorn is exceptionally drought- and cold- tolerant, growing to a rounded form that provides cover for birds and other wildlife. It’s not widely available, though; check with native plant suppliers, especially in the Rio Grande Valley.

Origins: Southwestern U.S. and northern Mexico


Very light, very occasional shaping; on its own it forms an impenetrable hedge.

Nothing says "South Texas Brush Country" quite as pointedly as this native evergreen.

Min. Height: 6'

Max Height: 12 feet'

Min. Width: 6'

Max Width: 10 feet'

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