Mexican Mint Marigold

Tagetes lucida

Mint Marigold; Mexican Tarragon; Yerba Anis

About This Plant

Sun/part shade (blooms more profusely in full-day sun). An herbaceous perennial growing to 2 feet with yellow-orange flowers during summer. Freezes back in winter to return from the roots. The cool flavor of the leaves is distinctive and variously described as anise or licorice. Both leaves and flowers are used for teas and for seasonings, and, especially, for offerings during Day of the Dead celebrations.

Origins: Mexico


Appreciates some supplemental summer water in full sun, especially in pots. Light pruning in early summer produces denser growth and thicker blooms in autumn.

A bright colorful herb with an anise fragrance and bouquets of fall flowers.

Min. Height: 1.5'

Max Height: 3 feet'

Min. Width: 1'

Max Width: 1.5 feet'

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