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Outdoor watering in a scorching summer can burn through cash faster than you think.

By Madelyn Perez, Conservation Intern

June’s unprecedented and unrelenting heat dome fast-forwarded us to conditions not normally seen until the dead of summer in south-central Texas: wilting leaves, brown grass, and cracked earth.

And with the return of clouds this week and a drop back to somewhat-normal summer temperatures (in the 90s!) it may feel less stifling outdoors this week. But don’t let that fool you — the summer sizzle will return.

Outdoor watering in a scorching summer can burn through cash faster than you think. If your outdoor water use spiked in June, here’s an opportunity to save some water going forward: Take our water-saving challenge!

Simply check your water meter and jot down an initial read. Then, for the rest of July try to make changes to help you save 2,000 gallons.

Here are three easy ways to reduce your monthly summer water use.

  • Control your outdoor irrigation. Cutting back on watering may sound like a crazy idea in the peak of summer heat, but your lawn will respond to weather changes as necessary (That’s Mother Nature at work). Stage 2 watering rules allow watering only once a week. If you must water more, choose hand-watering.
  • Get rid of some grass now, replace it with drought-hardy plants later. You don’t need any special skills or muscle. Just a few simple steps and a little patience and your grass can be gone for good.
  • Look for leaks. Apply for a water flow sensor rebate and keep a close eye on real-time water use.

In August, we’ll remind you via the GardenStyle newsletter to take a new meter reading and see how much water you used — and saved.

Changes you make today will benefit those who will be here tomorrow, so don’t limit yourself to just this month. Keep it up every month and share your strategies with others!

Visit saws.org/wrangle for more tips to wrangle your water use. And visit GardenStyleSA.com for weekly watering advice and landscaping tips to reduce outdoor water use while still keeping your yard thriving.

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