Simple, Easy Irrigation Lessons

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There’s plenty of help for using and programming your in-ground irrigation system. So grab a snack and beverage and tune in to these how-to videos.

Although hand-watering or a simple hose-end sprinkler are the way to go when watering your landscape, many folks rely on in-ground irrigation systems. Unfortunately, they frequently put out excessive amounts of water.

Even worse — and unbeknownst to homeowners — many systems are running with leaks, blown heads, incorrectly positioned nozzles and poorly programmed controllers. Luckily, we’ve got lots of how-to help and resources for you!

Here’s a short list of videos to help you use your irrigation system more efficiently. You’ll learn the best techniques for using and programming your irrigation system controller, as well as how to avoid over-watering and the dreaded sticker shock of a sky-high water bill.

Irrigation Controller Basics

An irrigation controller is basically a simple computer. Just supply it with a few simple instructions and let it do the rest. Try not to overthink it.

Three Mistakes Homeowners Make Programming Their Controllers

Learn to avoid these common mistakes that can be detrimental to your plants and your pocketbook.

How to use Seasonal Adjustment

Believe it or not, there is an easy button that will free you from all your controller concerns for the rest of the year.

No-Contact Irrigation Consultation

We are still conducting free no-contact irrigation consultations. Here’s how it goes.

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