HOA Says No? Have Another Go!

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Working with your homeowner association is a back-and-forth, collaborative process. Go into it knowing it may take a while and you may have to submit your landscape plans several times.

So you submitted your landscape redesign plans to your homeowners association and they said no. Before you scrap the project altogether, take some time to reflect and reassess.

Unless your HOA specifically said not to ever submit your proposal again, you can amend the plans for the areas they rejected and try again.

Working with your HOA is a back and forth collaborative process. Go into it knowing it may take a few tries before you get an approval. Landscaping companies and designers have to jump through the same hoops, too.

First things first, read the statements that clearly outline which features were not approved. Revise those and keep the rest. This helps you avoid getting overwhelmed as well as maintain focus on only the parts you need to change.

When you resubmit your proposal, be sure to include a cover letter outlining each feature they didn’t approve and how you addressed it. Keep it simple and to the point. Also, make the changes to your landscape plan and send that back to them, too.

Also, consider being a part of the process in your neighborhood and join your board. Be the change that you seek.

Most of all remember that your HOA is there to maintain the integrity of your neighborhood. Work with them and you’re more likely to have the yard your heart desires, and one that your HOA stands behind.

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