Be Your Irrigation System’s BFF

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An in-ground sprinkler system has a lot of moving parts that can periodically fail or get damaged. You are the key to making sure yours operates efficiently.

If you have an irrigation system, it requires ongoing maintenance and repairs, even when it’s brand new.

Irrigation systems have a lot of moving parts that periodically fail, get chomped on by the lawn mower, kicked off, driven over, clogged or just worn out.

You are your irrigation system’s BFF — the key to making sure it operates efficiently.

  1. Check it monthly by running each zone for a couple minutes each and visually inspect  the heads for leaks and run off.
  2. Assess the irrigation programming monthly, and make necessary seasonal adjustments based on time of year and weather — or turn your controller off completely and allow your yard to continue to thrive with seasonal rainfall. Irrigation systems are there to supplement water only when needed, not every week in the warm season and certainly not year-round.
  3. Schedule a free irrigation consultation and let us help you give your irrigation system a thorough checkup. Book a consultation by calling 210-704-SAVE.

If the consultation or your personal inspection reveals some necessary repairs you can’t tackle on your own, it’s time to bring in an irrigation professional (pdf). In Texas, you’re required by law to hire a licensed irrigation professional if you are not completing repairs yourself on your residential property.

More importantly, you want the repairs to be done safely and correctly. That’s what will save you a lot of headaches, water and money.

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