50 More Rea$ons To Love WaterSaver Coupons

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Still on the fence about applying for SAWS WaterSaver Coupons? Maybe this will help make up your mind: When you install your new landscape or patioscape we’ll give you a bonus $50 mulch coupon!

As if getting a $100 coupon for drought tolerant plants or patioscape materials wasn’t enough, now there’s a bonus in it for you: a $50 mulch coupon. That’s right. After you install your new landscape or patioscape using the WaterSaver Coupons, you can get a bonus coupon.

The process is simple.

  1. Apply for your Landscape coupon or Patioscape coupon by Oct. 15.
  2. Pick 15 drought-tolerant plants from our extensive list or 200 square feet of pavers or flagstone to create a 200-square-foot area that you’ll admire for years. The deadline to purchase is Nov. 17.
  3. After you redeem at least one coupon, you’ll receive an email with an inspection checklist. It will include instructions and a link to submit photos for inspection. Make sure to save this email for the next step.
  4. Complete your coupon project and take up to three photos of it. Click the link in the email to fill out the online inspection form and attach your photos to it. You can get a bonus $50 special mulch coupon, if approved. The deadline to install your project and submit your form is Dec. 15.
  5. Photo will be reviewed by SAWS staff. If approved, you’ll receive an email with a link to your $50 mulch coupon (limit one). The coupon expires Dec. 31.

If you have an irrigation system, you must schedule a free irrigation consultation to qualify for a coupon. Call 210-704-SAVE (7283) or submit your request online.

You’ll need to cap all the irrigation heads and remove driplines in the area where you will install beds or patios. You may even qualify for the Residential Irrigation Design rebate.

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