Garden Organically

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Why garden organically? We hear this question frequently. And, the answers would fill a book, but here are a few good reasons:

Garden organically for your plants. Beneficial bacteria and fungi that coat roots, stems, and leaves of all plants will be encouraged by an organic program. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers reduce or eliminate the beneficial insects that feed on the pest insects.

Garden organically for the environment. Not just pesticides, but chemical fertilizers are frequent polluters of our precious water supply. Their ingredients form molecules called anions that do not bind to the soil, but leach freely into our water sources. Likewise, their continual use harms beneficial soil microbial life. Organic products, on the other hand, bind to the soil until used so they don’t pollute water sources, but rather support soil microbial life.

Garden organically because it works and it’s easy. Organic products are effective, widely available, and can be applied in any season. They don’t have to be watered in immediately to prevent “burning.”

Garden organically for your pets. Many chemical pesticides are poisonous to pets, even in small amounts.

In short, organic gardening is safe, easy and it works!

By Bob Webster, Guest Author

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