Winter Bird Feeder

Winter is the perfect opportunity for bird watching. During the cooler months, birds have to forage for food as the insects that were in abundance are now gone. And, native birds have to compete with visiting birds migrating south for the winter. Why not help them find food but making a bird feeder?

Providing supplemental food can help them out and, at the same time, you get to watch them come and go.

Fat and protein are needed to provide warmth. Some people keep a container for collecting fat, such as bacon or soup stock. If fat solid is not something that’s available, you can use peanut butter mixed with cornmeal. Take whatever fat mixture you choose and apply it to a pinecone, filling in all the crevasses and layers.

Next, roll the pinecone in a seed mixture of your choice, different seeds attract different birds. This mixture has peanuts and sunflower seeds which are high in protein.

Hang your treat on a tree branch and wait to see what beautiful birds it attracts!

Three Bird Feeder Projects

These fun projects are perfect to do with kids and to give as gifts!






Picture of Lisa Spears
Lisa Spears
Lisa Spears’ mantra is recycle, reuse… and thrift shop! While no longer with SAWS Conservation, Lisa has now taken her considerable horticulture, design, and reuse skills, along with her fuzzy feline accomplices, to the Hill County where she is sharing her great advice to friends and neighbors.
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