Texas Prickly Pear

Sun or partial shade. Evergreen, with yellow, red or orange flowers generally starting in June, followed by maroon fruits which will keep your mockingbirds busy for months. Prickly pear is […]

California Fan Palm

Sun. Evergreen, with a stout, barrel-shaped trunk that immediately sets it apart from the taller Mexican fan palm (a close relative.) Individual leaves have peeling fibers, or \”cotton,\” giving the […]

Big Bend Yucca

Full sun. Evergreen. A small, well-behaved tree-form yucca with a branching habit. Thin blue-gray leaves grow in a tight cluster atop the trunk, and later drape down to form a […]

Sago Palm

Sun, but appreciates some afternoon shade in summer. Evergreen to 15 degrees F (trunk damage may occur below 10 degrees especially with ice). Sago is an ancient plant with arching […]

Artichoke Agave

Full sun. Evergreen. Considered one of the most attractive small agaves, with short blue leaves, jet-black spines, and a nearly flat-topped rosette allowing easy appreciation of its designer form.\r\n\r\nCommon in […]

Century Agave

Full sun. Evergreen; strongly formed, with heavy, toothed, spine-tipped leaves. Although it may not live for 100 years, each rosette spends many seasons storing energy and, for its final act […]