Unexplained water use? Learn to locate leaks lickety-split!

There are valuable tools right at your fingertips to help you avoid an unexpectedly high water bill — and save water too.

By Madelyn Perez, planner in the Conservation department.

High water bill got you flummoxed? Help is available so you can solve unexpected water use mysteries before calling a plumber.

Instructions for using your water meter to detect leaks, a leak detection checklist and a separate checklist for the plumber — should you need one — are valuable tools to help you avoid a high-water bill and save water.

Leak detection checklist

For customers in need of assistance in tracking a leak to its source, this handy checklist provides a definitive roadmap to do-it-yourself leak detection. From the water meter to faucets and toilets, water softeners, iceboxes and even the water heater, it can guide you through every water fixture on your property, as well as helpful tips on exactly what to look for in case of a leak; when viewed online, links provide additional information.

How to read your meter

With the transition from standard to electronic meters, there are more options than ever for detecting leaks using your water meter. Instructional videos include how-tos for standard “clock-face” meters and the newer electronic meters.

Customer plumber checklist

The customer plumber checklist (available in English and Spanish) provides a little peace of mind when bringing in a professional by ensuring your plumber checks all areas SAWS would recommend when paying for a service.

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