Toy Garden – Upcycled Creature Feature

Giving isn’t just for adults. Teaching children the joy and satisfaction of giving to others can start at almost any age. Being intentional about teaching children to give instills values that will touch their lives and the lives of everyone they come in contact with and leaves them rich and fulfilling memories.

This holiday season, provide your kids with an opportunity to give gifts and have a blast at the same time. Try this unique and inexpensive project, and surprise grandparents, teachers and neighbors with something creative and beautiful to boot!

This gift idea is easy to assemble, includes our crazy passion for succulents (they don’t use that much water) and, above all, is easy on the wallet. Maybe your children have some toys they don’t use any more? We found these toys at the flea market and dollar store.

The choice for succulents was a no-brainer as we wanted the garden to be successful and an ideal gift for those who don’t necessarily have a green thumb. Additional choices might be coleus, portulaca or geraniums. Perhaps you take a culinary turn and try mint or basil.

Teach your kids to share their toys this holiday season give the gift of gardening. Happy Holidays!


Picture of Lisa Spears
Lisa Spears
Lisa Spears’ mantra is recycle, reuse… and thrift shop! While no longer with SAWS Conservation, Lisa has now taken her considerable horticulture, design, and reuse skills, along with her fuzzy feline accomplices, to the Hill County where she is sharing her great advice to friends and neighbors.
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