There’s Something About Rosemary

In celebration of the fall growing season, we’re highlighting some of our favorite herbs.

Kicking it off is rosemary, a very “in” herb. Check out its versatility:

  • In the garden – Rosemary thrives in dry, calcareous soil and full sun, making it the perfect choice for a xeric garden.
  • In the kitchen – Rosemary’s culinary value has been known for centuries. Commonly used to season all kinds of meat, it has a savory-sweet flavor and a scent much like that of a pine tree, despite being from the mint family. Rosemary makes a great insect repellent and has been known to have antiseptic, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.
  • In the know – Rosemary’s Latin name, Rosmarinus officinalis, isn’t without meaning. Rosmarinus means “dew of the sea,” while officinalis refers to its medicinal value. Native to the Mediterranean, rosemary not only tolerates salt spray from the ocean but also absorbs dew through its needle-like leaves.

Rosemary is widely used in our area and can be found at most nurseries. If you already have some growing in your yard, clip a couple of sprigs and give this wonderful bread recipe a try!

Picture of Erin Conant
Erin Conant
Erin Conant has a passion for all things related to plants. Our former SAWS conservation consultant is now at home with her family passionately establishing their own urban farm and spreading the word of water conservation.
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