Spring Into Action for Summer Survival

How fierce is your flora? Pick party hearty plants and your landscape will sizzle in the summer scorch. Feel the heat!

Though spring has just sprung, it’s not too early to think ahead to summer and how your landscape will fare in what will likely be a hot, dry season. I know what you’re thinking… What can you possibly plant in your landscape that won’t need much water or maintenance?

Believe it or not, there are plenty of plants that will bloom all summer long with very little to no watering at all. In fact, I have several in my landscape that aren’t just surviving, they’re thriving! And some of them are even included in the WaterSaver Coupon approved plant list!

I’m sharing a few of my favorites in hopes of inspiring you to add a little sizzle to your summer landscape. Remember to apply for a WaterSaver Landscape Coupon so you can get these — or 15 other plants of your choosing — to replace some of the water-guzzling grass in your landscape. Now is the perfect time to pick some plants and get them in the ground before summer settles in.

Knockout Rose Rosa x Knockout

Tropical Milkweed Asclepias curassavica

Bulbine Bulbine frutescens

Coreopsis Coreopsis lanceolata

Four Nerve Daisy Tetraneuris scaposa

Firecracker Plant Russelia equisetiformis

Plumbago Plumbago auriculata

Salvia ‘Mystic Spires’ (Salvia farinacea x longispicata ‘Mystic Spires’

Fringe Flower Loropetalum Chinese var. rubrum

All of these pictures were taken during the summer — proof they can weather the heat! I don’t water a lot so my plants have to survive on what Mother Nature provides.

All of the plants listed here are drought-hardy and some are even included on the WaterSaver Coupon approved plant list. I’ve also linked most of them directly to their detailed description on There you’ll find more information about watering and light requirements, and other fun facts including bloom period, other plants to plant with them and if they’re coupon eligible.

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