SAWS Makes House Calls!

Is your water bill unusually high? You may have a leak on your property. Or perhaps your irrigation controller isn’t set properly. Either way, we’ll be happy to visit your home and help you figure out why you’re using so much water.

Is your water bill unusually high? It could mean there’s a problem on your property that needs attention.

Whether there’s a leak around your property or the irrigation system controller isn’t programmed correctly, using more water than you need costs you money — money we want to help you save.

Just email or call us at 210-704-SAVE (7283) to schedule an appointment for a free irrigation consultation. A SAWS conservation consultant will check your irrigation system to identify any problems with leaks or waste. We’ll also review your landscape with you to make sure we understand your goals and needs. Based on what we learn, we’ll create a schedule of the best watering amounts for your unique landscape.

You’ll also get tips on how to get the most out of your landscape with as little water as possible, as well as what plant materials might be a good fit for your landscape.

Our consultants have years of plant, irrigation and plumbing experience so you can be sure you’re getting expert advice.

For more information on our conservation programs, recommended plants, gardening tips, visit the Garden Style San Antonio website. You’ll be glad you did.

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Our Guest Authors are fantastic former SAWS employees, incredible interns and community leaders in the local landscaping world. They are all as passionate as we are about saving water with beautiful, diverse landscapes.
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